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Spotlight on MIM Alumni: Shelby Anderson

Name: Shelby Anderson
Company: Grant Thornton
Company/Job Location: Chicago, IL
Job Title: Global Project Coordinator, People & Culture
Duration: 8 months
MIM Graduation Date: December 2010

Shelby Anderson

MIM: How did you find your job?
SA: During the second year of my program, I was assigned a mentor (SBA alumna); she gave excellent advice for revamping my resume and for networking in general, both of which helped significantly. Since I was planning to relocate to a new metro area, Chicago, I relied primarily on websites throughout my job search. I found my job posting on after searching and applying for positions for about two months. Continue reading

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What to Expect in MIM 509: Global Business Immersion

A few weeks ago Dec 2011 Master in International Management candidates finished their final class, MIM 509 Global Business Immersion. Immersion is an intense weekend of analyzing, strategizing, research, and competition. This is a weekend class where MIMers have the opportunity to “put it all together” – everything they have learned, experienced, and studied in their 15-27 months in the program (15 months for full time and 27 months for part time students).

2011 Global Immersion judges and winners, Team Bain, led by Emily Davis, part time MIM student.

What can current and future MIMers look forward to in Immersion weekend? Here is the basic breakdown of what students can expect. Continue reading

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Waltzing Through the Behavioral Job Interview

This article seemed worth sharing even though it is from a nursing journal. The information is still universal and relevant to those who are in the job search process at this time. I have included most of what I think will interest MIMers from the article and have made a few slight modifications in wording to make it more relevant to the general business environment versus the medical environment.

The following is from American Nurse Today, January 2011, Volume 6, Number 1, “Waltzing Through the Behavioral Job Interview”

What you need to know to ace this nontraditional interview style Continue reading

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